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Conduit Bender

"We purchased our Ercolina Top Bender back in the early 90's and when it came time to upgrade we didn't think twice about buying a new Ercolina Mega Bender. I could never imagine going back to using elbows, with all the welding, grinding and labor involved."

Bob Cavanagh, Mid Island Steel

"The machines are a very solid product. We used the first bender so much we got another one a couple years later and use them both daily. The roller we have works very well for us on many jobs and is used every few months as the specific jobs dictate. It is nice to know that we have dependable machines to get the jobs out the door in a timely manner. Production time has reduced and that helps the bottom line.

Good People
Good Machines
Reasonable price, would buy again, thanks Dave."

Richard Fox, Vice President/Shop Supervisor, RAMCO

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Ercolina® Pipe Bender & Tubing Bender

Forty Years Experience in Pipe Benders &
Tube Benders

CML USA Inc inventories a wide variety of Ercolina® pipe bender, Tube & Pipe Benders and tooling for round or square tube. We also provide service parts for all Ercolina® tube & pipe bending machine equipment and angle rolls. For your convenience and support, Ercolina® products are marketed through a network of local distributors and representatives. Our trained sales staff is backed by forty years of experience in tube & pipe bending and profile bending applications.

Conduit Bender

To discuss your next bending application, request a catalog, speak with your regional Ercolina® representative or arrange a demonstration of Ercolina® products, simply reply to our email address on this web page. We invite you to tour our web site and find out why Ercolina® continues to lead the industry in rotary draw tube & pipe bending machine equipment, NC and CNC Mandrel benders, angle rolls, section benders and tube & pipe notching machines.

CML USA Inc Ercolina® Product Summary

Ercolina® tubing bender

Ercolina® manufactures innovative rotary draw tube, pipe and profile bending machine equipment, designed to produce quality repeatable precision bends in seconds. All Ercolina® bending machines are operator friendly and can memorize bend angle as well as material spring back settings. Ercolina® offers non mandrel and mandrel style tube and pipe benders capable of bending thick or thin wall tubing to centerline radius as small as 1-1/2 times the diameter with minimum deformation. Patented electro mechanical design eliminates older style manual benders, Hossfeld® benders and hydraulic Tube Benders, reducing maintenance cost and shop floor space requirements.

Ercolina® angle roll machines

Ercolina® angle roll models or pyramid style rolls are available with capacity to six-inch pipe or four inch angle iron. Ercolina® angle rolls quickly adapt to bend pipe, round or square tubing, flat iron, angle iron, ornamental iron for metal craft such as metal scroll work or bar picket twisting. Irregular designs for extruded shapes, cap rail; handrail or framework can be achieved. Roll tooling is available in polymer to protect, non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

Ercolina® tube notching machines

Ercolina® tube and pipe notching machines produce perfect notches at any angle 0-60 degrees, in tube or pipe to 3" diameter in seconds. Ercolina's® patented grinding method is ideal for most fabricating materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome molly and others. Thick or thin wall tubing and pipe can be notched in seconds to a gap free fit which is ready to weld, eliminating grinding and time consuming fit and finish operations.

CML USA Inc Ercolina® provides sales and service to all North American Ercolina® customers. Centrally located in Davenport Iowa, CML USA Inc inventories all current Ercolina® Tube Benders, pipe benders, tubing and pipe angle notchers and angle roll machines.

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